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Poetry Anthologies with Nottingham C.A.N.

Inspired by the poem ‘Where I Come From’ by Elizabeth Brewster, the "I Come From" poetry project was established to give voice to a diverse range of participants with unique backgrounds and varying experiences dealing with issues of race and Immigration, Gender and sexuality and Mental health.

Working In partnership with Nottingham CAN and Rising Issue Magazine, my role in the project initially involved a series of Live illustration sessions with the participants (held on zoom).

This process helped our participants to build confidence in their performance skills and gave the Poets a feel for how their work would be interpreted by wider audiences.

As well as a celebration event, where the poets read their works; the Final output of the project took the form of three anthologies, one from each platform of discussion. All of which are fully illustrated.

Selected poems were also presented as video performances, available to view via a QR code at the back of the anthologies.



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